I need an image at 300 dpi. I understand how to change the image size, but not the resolution. Please help!

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2019-12-26 05:40:25

I am new to Pixelmator Photo for iOS. I need to export photo’s that are ready for print at 300 dpi and I cannot figure out how to do this. Please
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2020-01-02 14:58:59

Hi there, it isn't currently possible to do this in Pixelmator for iOS — in most cases, PPI/DPI is simply a setting and your photo either has the required pixel dimensions to be printed at a certain physical size or it doesn't. Changing the PPI setting to 300 doesn't increase the quality of an image (unless done with something like our new ML Super Resolution feature), it simply tells the printer to print a certain number of pixels in a certain area.

We'll see if we can add this in the future, though!