PixelMator Photo : Pro (IPadOS)?

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2019-12-18 00:34:49


Just got the Pixelmator Photo : Pro for my Ipad, though Im not sure at first which should I buy, since there is Pixelmator, and Pixelmator Photo : Pro, so in the end I decided to get the Pixelmator Photo : Pro since Ill be processing raw files(cr2). It went smooth, thought the ML for batch processing is somewhat hit or miss, though I would still go to the photo, pick the one I like and delete the one that I dont. there are still few missing feature that I wish that should be there:

1. Retouch sampling - the retouch is good most of the time, but if there multiple imperfection on the skin that I want to remove or smoothen out, sometimes I need to go multiple pass, for example, a skin with multiple blemishes, instead of getting a sample from a smooth(same color or near the same texture), it will actual get the the small mole near the retouch area, thus need to undo and do it in smaller area first. if I could just select a small area which it would get the sample for retouch it would be much better, also if I can control the aggressiveness of the retouch.

2. red eye reduction - not really necessary, but there are few times that a photo would have this. having this means, I don't need a separate app just to fix the red eye.

3. Blurring - this goes hand in hand with retouch, if i could blur some shadows or highlights or other area to make it more smoother.

I haven't use it for a long time, and Just using it for a few days(on and off). since I have a 2 yr worth that I need to reprocess. the lightroom on my mac before doesnt save the adjustment on my cr2, it does non-destructive stuff going on, though Im ok with saving the adjustment on cr2, so when I need the raw files again, I could just do a very minor adjustment instead of doing it from the start. Pixelmator have both non-destructive and persistent adjustment.. so its a good thing, though I don't like using .photo or any non standard/common file type. just incase in future, if im using different software or tools, i dont have to worry about compatibilies.

anyway, I like pixelmator photo : pro, but do you think purchasing the pixelmator would still worth it, or would it be redundant?