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2019-03-26 16:31:29

I just got into the Pixelmator Photo final final beta and I'm enjoying everything about the app except for some limitations with the export step. I love the ability to set the format and quality of the exported image. I'd also like to be able to define the size of the exported image. I'm both editing photos and exporting them at very specific size to use on a website. Dealing with full-size 16-megapixel images isn't feasible. Having to export the photo out of Pixelmator Photo and into Affinity Photo just to get the size I need isn't the best workflow.

That said, I think something closer to what Affinity Photo has for its export step would be a welcome addition, where not only can format, quality and size be determined, but file name, metadata embedding, etc.

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2019-03-26 17:18:59

Hey Ben, thanks for the feedback — we'll keep this in mind. Really glad to hear you're enjoying the beta!