(iOS) Make it easier to use Eyedropper tool when filling, stroking, etc an image.

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2019-01-02 23:48:37

I was using pixelmator to combine some images which all shared the same background color. I wanted to add a layer behind them all to fill in the empty space. Currently, it is quite a hassle to do this. You need to do the following...

To eyedrop a color and then fill or stroke:
1) Tap Tools icon
2) Select "Paint and Erase"
3) Tap the color button in upper right corner
4) Tap the eyedrop tool
5) Match my color
6) Exit paintbrush tool by tapping done
7) Select my fill layer
Select "Format" from the Tools menu
9) Turn on fill
10) Tap previous color (which selects the color selected previously with eyedrop tool)
11) Success!

If you added an eyedrop tool on the color select menu for the fill, stroke, etc. tools, you would cut out steps 1-6.

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2019-01-07 09:04:51

Hey there, this is actually a pretty popular request and we have it in mind for future updates!