Possible source of confusion in Pixelmator for iOS ebook

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2018-12-02 13:04:54

In the book, it says:
To change the selection mode:

1. Tap Add to in the top-right corner of the screen (iPhone: Tap the tool title in the toolbar);
2. Tap a selection mode, Add to Selection or Subtract from Selection.”
Excerpt From: Pixelmator Team. “Pixelmator for iOS.” Apple Books. https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/pixelm ... 4967?mt=11

Be aware that in the current version of Pixelmator for iOS, the first Selection Mode label you see when beginning to use Pixelamator for iOS is "Create New," not "Add to Selection" nor "Subtract from Selection." To get to either "Add to Selection" or "Subtract from Selection" you need to tap "Create New," which is one of the three selection modes. Therefore, to avoid possible confusion, especially for newbies, I would like to recommend that the ebook state that if in the top-right corner "Create New" is seen then it needs to be tapped to get to both "Add to Selection" and "Subtract from Selection."