Blending Mode Palette obscures the image

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2018-03-23 19:17:31

(Pixelmator on iPad Pro, 9.7”)
There are two ways to access Blending Modes, both of which obscure the image when in use.
(A) by going to Tools (the Paintbrush Icon) > Format> Style>Blending Mode.
(B) by going to the Layers Palette on the left, clicking on a layer, and tapping the Format section of the black linear pullout menu.
Both ways obscure the image i am working on, nor can i move the image aside as it bounces back into the center.
It would be nice to have floating Palettes that can be moved out of the way when using them.
Or, it would be nice to if the image itself could be moved anywhere on the black background, out of the way of pulldown menus.
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2018-05-20 21:36:55

I've had this problem too!