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2018-02-12 08:26:54

Can anyone please tell me is it possible to use the eye dropper colour picking toolin format mode on iOS.

Thank you Janita
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2018-02-12 11:21:08

Hi Janita, this isn't possible at the moment, but if you pick any color in your image using the Paint tool, they'll be shown as the Current/Previous colors in the color picker and you can also drag them to the right to reveal more previously picked colors.
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2019-11-19 10:05:01

Using the native colour picket for colour management is atrocity. Please, go to modern UI software like Figma / Sketch for inspiration. Or maybe Procreate. Those are solutions for different segment, but definitely more robust than what we have to deal with now...
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2019-11-19 16:53:45

As I mentioned in another thread, we'll definitely look into different options when we address this!