Wacom intuos creative stylus - way to edit pressure curve?

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2017-10-21 20:40:21


I find that it requires too much pressure to actually work, making me worried for the longevity of the stylus, and I’d like to either edit the pressure curve, like Procreate allows, or switch the pressure from being linked to opacity, to the size of the brush.

Is this possible, or will I just have to disconnect my stylus to use in Pixelmator?

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2018-11-28 13:48:47

This is kind of an old thread. Since there has been no response here should I assume that the developer(s) is not monitoring this forum?

I think I am experiencing the same issue. When creating a mask the mouse works great, but with the Wacom, I have to go over the same area multiple times to get 100% opacity.
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2018-11-28 14:00:11

The developer (i.e. us) is most certainly monitoring this forum, but this was posted in the weeks before the Pixelmator Pro release, so we were a little swamped, to say the least. If you want a guaranteed response, the official support channel is our support email: support@pixelmator.com. This forum is more for user discussions, although we do respond to most things ourselves as well.

As for the issue, the original question was about Pixelmator for iOS, whereas I think you're having trouble with either Mac app — Pixelmator or Pixelmator Pro. Could you let me know which app you're using and also what your current brush settings are?