Trimming images on iPad

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2017-10-15 14:58:41

Photoshop on desktops allows for an image to be trimmed based on transparent pixels or the colour in a given corner. Does Pixelmator offer this kind of functionality on the iPad? I’m wanting to automatically trim/crop out the background so that there’s no border/white space around a graphic, and drawing a box around the element first isn’t precise enough. Thank you.
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2017-10-16 21:15:41

Please post a picture. I'd like to better understand what you want to accomplish. Maybe I can help?
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2017-10-17 17:43:39

This video shows what I’m trying to achieve:
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2017-10-17 18:30:07

Thanks for posting the video and pointing this feature out. I never used this feature in Photoshop but see how it could be helpful. On the desktop version of Pixelmator there is a similar feature Edit>Trim Canvas. On iOS I do not see the feature and would use the Crop tool to make selections like the one in the video. If the selection isn't precise enough you have to manually adjust. Sorry.

Maybe someone who knows can confirm?
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2017-10-20 14:26:52

Thank you for taking the time to look Jeff, really appreciated. If it’s not on the iOS app I’ll need to find another app... I really do need that (automatic) precision.
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2017-10-29 04:11:42

Ever since Adobe discontinued their PS Touch iOS Photoshop app, I've been looking for a comparable replacement. Pixelmator iOS looks like it could be a possible candidate.One feature I was hoping PixelmatoriOS offered is a a perspective tool...basically a transform tool that adds handles to its frame in the middle of each side AND a way to release all eight handles to allow for moving them independently—for correcting architectured structural skews, as well as emulating a variety of faux 3D views.
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2018-01-01 00:56:22

Perspective and/or skew would be awesome.
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2018-05-20 21:50:06

Yes! I use SKWRT or Snapseed for this (SKWRT works right from camera roll.) But this would be an awesome feature to have right in Pixelmator! We probably need masks more however, so if we have to choose...