In the past 24 hours, we’ve gotten tons of emails asking, congratulating, and commenting about Big Brother’s new move. So I thought I should write a short note about it. As Pixelmator developers, we were quite (pleasantly) surprised by this move.

I must say our pricing, ownership, and development philosophy are completely different from Big Brother. We focus only on creating the world’s best image editing app. Nothing else. No distractions. Just this to drive us forward: the compulsive curiosity to see what happens after we have the perfect image editing app ready for you.

At the Pixelmator Team we believe that our way is the right way.

In fact, previous Pixelmator updates are the evidence of what I’m saying now. All of them come with a multitude of amazing new features and improvements that are completely free. But what’s even more important is that your feedback is unbelievably great about every single one of them.

We’ll prove ourselves again later on this week. On Thursday, we will storm the Mac App Store with a free Pixelmator 2.2. Blueberry upgrade for all of our existing customers. Don’t be confused by versioning numbers. This isn’t a minor update—it’s a MAJOR UPGRADE—and it’s great one.

Then, as I mentioned sometime ago, we are on track to ship layer styles later this year. We just wanted to complete this awesome Blueberry upgrade.

After Big Brother’s latest move, I am confident that our philosophy of pricing ($15), ownership (you own the app), and development (focus on creating the world’s best image editing app) are simply the right things to do.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013.


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