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Pixelmator 2.0.2 Is Out

With Apple’s exciting recent announcement of OS X Mountain Lion, we too would like to add something nice to the whole picture. This is not as big as Mountain Lion, but still awesome: We’re talking about Pixelmator 2.0.2, the biggest maintenance update in Pixelmator history.

Pixelmator 2.0.2 includes a massive number of improvements and bug fixes—in all, over 60 enhancements, mainly focusing on the Move Tool, drag and drop, layer management, and copying and pasting. And we’ve also built in a ton of overall stability improvements.

Pixelmator 2.0.2 is available immediately as a free update via the Mac App Store.

While you enjoy the new update, we’ll keep working on Pixelmator 2.1. Pixelmator 2.1 is a major update that will bring some very cool features and major improvements. I am not ready to announce the details yet, but stay tuned.


  • B4rt

    Thanks for this amazing software! Keep up the good work.

  • Syd

    Fantastic! Is it now possible to change the interface colour/interface font sizes?

  • iKasch

    wow nice! A few bugs that bothered me are gone!
    But did you change the Shortcut for Deselecting? Cmd+D is now duplicate which is pretty annoying. Is there a way to turn its function back to deselect?

  • Matthias

    Good to see groups are working fine again.

  • Beautiful Function

    @iKasch you can change keyboard shortcuts in System Preferences > Keyboard > Application Shortcuts. Click the [+] button, select the app, type the menu title (exactly as it appears in the app) and give it a shortcut.

  • giany

    hmm, CMD+D duplicate and CMD+Shift+D as deselect? Why not reverse?
    It will take a little time to get used.

  • potassium123

    the type tool does not work properly any more! it is not possible to select a font size higher than 1000

  • Jacob Bordieri

    I was so excited today as my workflow was improved so much from the results of all the hard work put into this update! Layers and groups functionality is just getting better and better, there is so much here I’m sure we won’t truly appreciate every detail. We’ll just notice things working smoother and more flexible than ever before. The trajectory and pace you guys have set is cool to see unfold, keep it up we love it!

  • tanel

    I was really looking forward for the EPS support that was available in version 1. When will it be reintroduced?

  • Khaled Abou Alfa

    First time a ‘bug’ release or stability release makes the product worse than it was.

    The memory leak remains, but now we’ve got a whole bunch of new bugs that we’re there in the previous version, namely when duplicating a group, the location is offset (which might not be a bug but a new ‘feature’) but also you get a couple of elements within that group being located somewhere else.

    C’mon guys, you’ve had a month to sort out the bugs between version 2.01. Elements that make the product usable should be first and foremost on your list of things to do.

  • PsykX

    Thanks for the maintenance update, it was about time considering the number of confirmed bugs I have seen in the forums.

    Now, I can’t wait for 2.1. Let’s hope it brings Layer Styles, unified window, and the ability to change the color of the GUI. These are the big features that would make me switch from Photoshop to Pixelmator for good.

  • Anonymous Cowherd

    I can’t find the Stroke command anymore. Where is it? There’s a Stroke setting for Shapes, but.. not for selections anymore? What about Fill for selections – where did that go? Why did you change the de-select command – is it really less frequently used than Duplicate? Can we get Layer Styles already? 😛 Hah. Kerning would be pretty sweet too. You know, for serious design work, if that’s what Pixelmator is aimed at, instead of just being a shiny toy.

    Anyway, I read through a couple of the latest comment threads.. As usual, there were lots of comments breathlessly praising Pixelmator, without any specific reason as to why it’s the “BEST” etc. Then it occurred to me that maybe the Pixelmator team is posting shill comments to the threads.

    In between the “AWESOME JOB GUYS!” -type of posts, people are complaining about serious bugs, the confusing new UI in 2.x, the strangely hard to read new color scheme for this blog, and so on. It’s just weird. Of course, lots of people are idiots, but can there really be that many people just blindly celebrating the somewhat less-than-ideal job the Pixelmator Team has done lately? It’s a strange contrast between the praise and legitimate complaints.

    Then I took a look at the forums, where people had asked for Layer Styles three years ago. The thread had around 110 posts, and at some point Sebastian was there, assuring people that new features are prioritized according to the number of requests they get. Wow. Quite obviously, after three years of intense silence on Layer Styles, that was quite a stinking load of bullshit right there.

    Sooo.. What exactly is the deal, guys? Have you decided to run your product into the ground? Did you ever really even consider adding Layer Styles? It’s only the single most wished-for feature in the history of Pixelmator. No rush. Take your time, and make sure to keep your users in the dark. Maybe you could just make Flapcraft 2 next?

    Are you under intense pressure because of the state of things? Is it getting too hard to bear? You know, if that’s the case, there’s an easy solution: openness, honesty and active communication. That’s about it. You _can_ actually start now. If all those strangely positive comments are from real people, you still have a good chance of turning things around.

    I’m not sure what to think. So much potential, but the way things are now, your ship is sinking increasingly fast.

    I for one am ready for Photoshop now.

  • Tem

    So far, version 2 has been a great improvement. I appreciate the ease of navigation and finding features and options I need fairly quickly. Of course, everyone has a different workflow and with that different features and related options are needed.

    In version 2.0 can the paths be used to create pixels, and not become pixels themselves (ie become deleted)? Maybe, I missed this. I would like to re-use Paths. Currently, this is a feature I use in my workflow quite heavily. Ideally, more can be done with Paths in the near future, of course.

    Thank you

  • Matt

    I recently purchased a copy after getting pissed off with Adobe Photoshop, not that Photoshop is a bad product it’s just Adobe stick so much unnecessary crap on my mac I wanted to find a nice lightweight alternative, anyway… I love the product, and if the functionality keeps growing over time I will be totally doing away with PS all together.

    Functions I’d like to see are:

    Drop shadow and other effects that render live, I know you can create the effect by duplicating and blurring, but for text that I need to change often in a graphic it would be nice to have it render live.

    Gradients that can be altered and adjusted on the fly after they have been created.

  • Patrick Michalina

    Really amazing software for the price. Loving it so far. Thanks for implanting vector drawing tools. A couple features I would love to see:

    Bitmap to Vector option (traces bitmaps images to a rough vector outline)
    Overall vector enhancements. Add stokes into shapes that connect to existing nodes.
    Reduced memory footprint while using vector tools that have reflections enabled.

    You can surpass photoshop if you keep up the great work! Thanks!

  • Tak

    Crush crush crush and I’m not talking about Paramore song…

  • Franco

    I like PM but it has to many bugs, we don’t you plan a monthly release? We really need to be supported by you.

  • Drew

    @Anonymous Cowherd

    Fist of all who are you calling idiots??

    “Then I took a look at the forums, where people had asked for Layer Styles three years ago. The thread had around 110 posts”

    110 Post?? they sold MILLIONS of copy…110 post…many from the same people are an indication of what?? that 110 people over millions are asking for a feature??? wow that must REALLY be a priority eh??

    People that are celebrating Pixelmator are doing so because for them and their needs it is great….so is everyone whit needs different from yours an idiot??

    Does PIx have bugs? shure like any app…. is anyone forcing you to use it? no… is it worth 25 bucks? hell yes and it’ll be update so it’ll have those bugs fixed….just chill!

  • Nikolay Kolev

    Great update from you guys! But, as I wrote in the previous blog post, I’m from those who really need Layer Styles. Don’t get me wrong: I love your app and I love the fact that it has an honest price and I love you too 😉 for the great job..but the only one thing that I need are: Layer Styles (or something similar).
    I hope that in 2.1 we’ll finally enjoy to have them implemented! Keep up the excellent work..we’re looking forward!

  • ukbass

    But you’ve now broke my Launchbar.app 🙁
    I guess you already know that after the pixelmator update was installed via the mac app store, then Launchbar crashes and cannot be restarted. The very helpful Launchbar support peeps are trying to help us, but are you in touch with them to help get this issue fixed?

  • Ausra


    Yes, we are. Launchbar have already released an update which addresses the issue.

  • Mark Lane

    @Beautiful Function – Wow thanks for that tip! The shortcut for “Deselect” had been driving me mad as I was constantly duplicating layers by mistake. I reversed them using the Keyboard System Preferences and it worked perfectly.

    I didn’t even realise you could manipulate the shortcuts in individual application menus from the global preferences – great tip.

    All is well with the world again 🙂

  • monadical

    Looking good. Thanks! Now hurry up and get it out on iPad2/3. 🙂

  • Brian

    Hey guys. Love 2.0.2. Good work.

    My only complaint (besides no layer styles) is with the type tool. How am I supposed to adjust the type leading?

    Any tips?

    Thanks again. I think you guys will kill PS in the future. Your engine is way faster with way less bloat, and a far cleaner and simpler interface.

  • Thomas

    This is my first post here. Duplicating a layer in 2.0.2 moves the duplicate layer slightly to the right – why? This is very annoying. I need the duplicate layer to be exactly in the same spot as the original layer. Any way to change this??

  • Thomas

    Is there a way to downgrade to 2.0.1? I’m really, REALLY in need for this. 2.0.2 has broken my workflow.

  • Tom

    Opening a file, making a rectangular selection and then doing an undo should NOT keep the file marked as “Edited” and re-save it on close. I have reported this as a bug, it had been acknowledged and confirmed and here goes 2.0.2, without a fix. In my eyes it’s a little f*ck you from the developers to me. Am I wrong?

  • Kaepora Gaebora

    I am really unhappy with the transform update. I liked it better when I had more control over resizing an image, and really want that switched back if that is at all possible.

  • Mister Quibble

    I used to be able to copy and paste shapes in a shape layer and not create a new shape layer when doing that. Now, I get a new shape layer every time I paste. Is there a way to remedy that? Merging shape layers sadly does not create a new shape layer containing all the shapes, but instead just a pixel layer.

    Aside: Pixelmator still keeps getting slower and slower overtime, necessitating a Pixelmator relaunch every now and then to not get too annoyed with its slow responsiveness. And when doing that, it sometimes takes too long to quit or does not quit at all, so force-quitting is a regular part of the procedure.

  • Mister Quibble

    Addendum: Time Machine sure comes in handy to restore the 2.0.1 version to be able to copy around shapes 😉

  • Sir

    yes, layer styles please !

  • Mark


    Is there a reason you changed shortcuts for Deselect All and Duplicate?
    One also can’t set a Shortcut in the Apple Preferences for Duplicate because there are 2 entries (in File and Edit).

    Layer Styles are really needed like many have said before.
    Maybe you could tell us if you considered to add them?
    Even if you say that you don’t plan to support them in the near future I think that’s better than not saying anything.

    Other than that, I still love to work with pixelmator and have enjoyed the new features that you have added to pm.

  • Anonymous

    Quite funny to see that the price of Pixelmator never raised over the “gift” price made for early adopters of pixelmator before going into the app store.

    I was just fucked by helping you and paid twice time the price. Thanks Pixelmator team.

  • Peter

    And the Pixelmator-team don’t even bother to answer an email. I bought Pixelmator 1.67 some time ago. But I can’t get an update because I didn’t buy it from the Apple Store. And I asked the Pixelmator-team if that can be and if I have to buy Pixelmator again. Answer? None so far.

  • Drew

    Peter to answer your question…. you just needed to read the blog… YES no more update for you unless you buy from the MAS!

    You are F..ked cause someone is NOT paying more than you did?? Wow strange way of thinking!!!

  • Stefano

    Mountain Lion is not as big as it seems, I think, just a Lion refinement and bug fixes I hope. Maybe Pixelmator 2.1 will have more new features, LOL! Always hoping for Italian language included in 2.1, thank you!

  • Diogo

    A great app, but have some bugs on stroke and transform resource. I’m waiting for a solution, a new version with fixes.

  • Nazim

    I am one of those who paid twice. Same thing with e-mail, no answer. Not actually complaining, I love Pixelamator for its ease of use, small size and lots of other things. But the latest update seems to have more bugs than before. I have lost several images for unknown reasons. Seems like after some use the app just lost stability and I had to reload it. (What really happened – I open an image and Select it, choose Crop and try to straighten the picture – the result – blank field. The preview still shows the image, but it’s gone. Reload the app and it works fine.

  • PsykX

    Guys, if you’re noticing bugs, the best way to post them is in the forums in the Bugs section.

    If you want a feature, there’s also a forum section for that.

    Say your thoughts out loud over there instead of the blog, it’ll have more impact.

  • Philipp

    I just hope one of those features is multi-gesture support!

    I love this app, photoshop is such an overkill for 90% of the users, Pixelmator rocks!

  • runik

    Awesome. Can’t wait on 2.1

  • Gilles

    Still waiting for a full compatibility with Lightroom as en external editor. C’mon guys, you said a while ago that this is in the to do list 😉

    Lightroom is now the most popular photo workflow/editing software, what are you waiting for ?

    The new pricing policy of Adobe for Photoshop and the Creative Suite opens a lot of commercial perspectives for you ! And Pixelmator is, by far, the best alternative.

    Rgds, Gilles.

  • Franco

    Its time to do your homeworks and release few revisions in order to fix the several bugs and restore the localized versions.
    We paid real money and we want a real software.

  • Thiago

    Any chance for a gif animation feature for the next version? 😉
    And maybe more tools focused on design for the web 🙂

  • Otero

    How about include the other languages lost in the 2.0 version?? Spanish for example…..

  • JamesJeong

    i really love and enjoy pixelmator! however, the brush pallet becomes a mess after having thousands of sets of brushes. i wish there was some sort of BRUSH MANAGER where it allows users to create folders of brushes and easily manage brushes. i’ve been using this application for awhile, and pixelmator really is the best application i ever got with such an affordable prise!

  • Jono

    I hope 2.1 will bring Layer Styles and iCloud support 🙂