Pixelmator 1.6.1 is Out

Good news, everyone! Pixelmator 1.6.1 is out. Available as a free update (as always), version 1.6.1 adds improvements to the Photo Browser palette, Aperture support (via the same Photo Browser), a revamped Stroke feature, and, of course, some bug fixes as well as some minor improvements.

Photo Browser

You can use the Photo Browser palette in Pixelmator to quickly access your iPhoto library photos as well as images in your Pictures folder (show or hide Photo Browser by choosing View > Show/Hide Photo Browser).

Here is a list of improvements for the Photo Browser in Pixelmator 1.6.1:

  • Aperture support – access your Aperture library, projects, albums, smart albums, and folders
  • PhotoBooth support – access your PhotoBooth-taken images (not very useful, but fun)
  • Support for custom folders – browse your own folders in Photo Browser
  • List View – this is a feature for those of you who like list views (Control or right mouse button click in an image view to switch between list and icon view)
  • Performance improvements – means loading your iPhoto library images (or images from whatever source) very fast
  • Modern foundation – basically means that the newer your Mac is, the better Photo Browser will work
  • User interface details – looks a bit cleaner and feels better


Stroke command is used to outline selections or layers using color. It is located under the Edit > Stroke menu.

We spent a full month refining Stroke (cracking its algorithm). Though Stroke looks easy to create, it is one of the hardest tasks in image editing development. One might think that it is a small feature unworthy of attention, but this is not so. Stroke is used a lot. In fact, it is one of the most basic features in image editing and I am very excited to announce that Stroke has finally been perfected in Pixelmator.

The new Stroke is very fast and bug free. It works flawlessly and, most importantly, delivers the highest quality result possible. Try it for yourself.

Though Pixelmator 1.6.1 is not a revolutionary release, I am as proud of it as any other major update. It shows how much we care about details and the quality of what we do. Such updates are part of the reason that Pixelmator is dearly loved by so many.

If you haven’t downloaded version 1.6.1 yet, go ahead and do it. Any feedback you can provide once you use it would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010.


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